Dog clothes – for who and why?

Dogs have been living very closely side by side with humans already centuries and their unique ability to understand and form a close relationship with their owner is remarkable. Many dog owners nowadays see their dog as a family member rather than just a pet. Owners try to offer  their dogs ultimate comfort and quality – from the best food to the most fashionable clothes. Although not every pet enjoys wearing clothes, many can benefit from extra protection the right piece of clothing offers.


Why dress your dog?

Dressing a dog in clothes or accessories can have lots of benefits. Some are more practical, while others are purely for aesthetic reasons. The following points are some of the top reasons given by dog owners for dressing their dogs.

  • Warmth. Cozy hoodie or a practical windbreaker helps your dog to keep warm and dry even on a cold and rainy day. Small, short-haired or hairless breeds suffer the most from low temperatures, so they especially benefit from warm clothes.
  • Cleanliness. All dogs spend some time outdoors and after returning inside, they bring dirt, mud and pollen with themselves. Dog hoodie or t-shirt can be helpful keeping your dogs’ fur clean and also avoid excessive washing of your pet.
  • Comfort. Dogs who suffer from anxiety can be comforted by the pressure of a snug-fitting t-shirt or a sweater. Pets, who have a hard time tolerating noise of big cities, thunder storms or fireworks find that tight fitting piece of clothing can bring lots of solace.
  • Costumes. Many dog outfits are designed to be worn as costumes during the holidays. For example it is very popular dressing your pup as Santa Claus or Elf during Christmas and after many movie characters or heroes during Halloween.
  • Matching sets. Dressing up your pet in a matching set of hoodies or picking similarly patterned accessories with the owner is a growing trend in fashion world and many big companies have already started covering the demand.
  • Beauty. Sometimes dog owners want to dress their pets in a designer clothes or decorate them with unique accessories like neck scarves, bows and ties because it makes their dog look so adorable. With a correctly picked outfit, your pet can be the next social media sensation.
  • Status. Just as humans wear designer labels to demonstrate their social status, many people dress their pets in designer clothes for the same reasons. If you are going to treat yourself to luxury brands, why not treat your pet as well.



The most basic type of  “clothing “ worn by dogs is collar. Collars and harnesses are worn by the majority of dogs nowadays and many modern pets with fashion conscious owners can even wear collars designed by Ralph Lauren or Louis Vuitton. In addition to collars and harnesses dog owners can buy rain coats, winter coats, vests, hoodies, t-shirts, neck scarves, bandanas, hats, robes, pyjamas, boots, socks, bows, ties and many other interesting costumes and accessories for their dogs. Everything humans can buy for themselves, the can buy for their pets nowadays.


Dressing up your dog, it is important to ask yourself whether dog clothes are appropriate for your dog or not. Every dog has a unique personality which affects his or her response to wearing clothes. Some dogs love wearing clothes, some tolerate it out of love for their owners and some truly dislike covering their bodies. If you have to force your dog to wear clothes, you may cause your pet to suffer from discomfort, stress and anxiety, which can lead to running away, kneeling down, refusing to move, pulling off clothes etc.


Calm-natured dogs who have a strong desire to please their owner can often learn to adapt to wearing clothes with the right introduction and training. Small and short-haired dogs are great candidates for dog fashion because clothing can protect them from the cold and wet and make them feel good. If you want to dress your dog, take it slowly, give it time and have an understanding attitude.



If possible, you want to introduce your dog to wearing clothes while he or she is still a puppy. By putting clothes on a very young dog, he or she can accept the idea much more naturally since they are constantly learning new things about life every day anyways. With an older dog, it can be more of a challenge, but even though there are some awesome tips and tricks to follow which make teaching your pet getting used to the idea of wearing clothes much more easier.


Start from something small like a neck scarf or bandana. If your dog is used to wearing a collar, accepting a bandada should come rather easy. Nevertheless do not rush the process. If possible, wear your dogs bandana first, so there is already familiar smell waiting. Before tying it on, let your dog getting used to its textures and smells.


On the first day keep it on for short period of time, couple of minutes. Every time your dog wears a bandana, reward him or her with treats so he can associate wearing clothes with something positive.   If it looks like that your pet has no negative emotions wearing a bandana, gradually increase the amount of time per day that your dog wears the neck scarf until your dog is wearing the bandana whole day like professional.

Once your dog is comfortable wearing a bandana, try using the same method to introduce a light t-shirt. Eventually he or she will be able to wear any kind of clothing. With time and luck, your dog will not only tolerate clothes but will come to associate wearing clothes with comfort and pleasure. Patience and plenty of treats are the key to making this process work. It’s important to let your dog set the pace and to accept your dog’s ultimate decision about wearing clothes.



Nowadays, the dog fashion industry is growing, and dog owners have many options when choosing clothes for their pet. Before making a purchase, however, you need to consider the following questions.


Is the clothing in the right size? Dog breeds are highly variable in their dimensions, so it may not be best to order a piece of clothing based only on the breed. Instead, take two the most important measurements – back length and body girth. First, measure your dog from the base of the neck (where the collar rests) to the base of the tail. Next, measure your dog’s chest girth just behind the front legs where it’s the longest. Make sure the clothing you choose can accommodate your dog’s actual measurements.

Does the clothing allow freedom of movement and urination? To make sure your dog can move freely, choose a stretchy fabric like cotton or spandex. Avoid wool, which tends to be not only confining, but irritating to the skin. In addition, check the cut of the clothing and make sure it doesn’t obstruct urination. This is more likely to be an issue for male dogs, so check that there is sufficient free space under the belly area.

Is the clothing adjustable? This is an important consideration, especially if you’re buying clothes for a young dog who is still growing. Even full-grown dogs may change size if they lose or gain weight. To make sure that clothing never becomes too loose or too tight, choose pieces that fasten with Velcro or that can be fastened in different positions.

Is the clothing safe for your pet? Decorative buttons, sequins, and jewels can make a dog’s outfit look extra glamorous, but any detachable parts can also be a choking hazard. When dogs are frustrated or stressed, they are likely to bite and chew whatever is at hand. If dogs can access a button or jewel on a sweater, they can easily pull it off and ingest it. If you can’t provide constant supervision, consider choosing clothing made of fabric only.


Buying clothes for your dog can be a great way to show your love. By choosing high-quality garments, you can offer your furry friend the best possible protection from the cold, wind and rain, ensuring that you and your dog can spend time together anywhere. If you’re not sure where to begin, open our dog clothes catalog and start browsing latest fashion trends from JDPUPS.



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